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Il cammino della Colombia verso la pace - Davide Riccardi e Jairo Agudelo Taborda

ABSTRACT: While a new dynamics looking at overcoming the non-international armed conflict implicating the Colombian society for more than half century is underway, it appears useful to think over the basic stages of such lasting conflict. First, the causes moving to this conflict at its origins are explained and also the essential events accompanying it during the period before the adoption of the Constitution of 1991.

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Myanmar at a Crossroads - Myriam Roccatello and Aileen Thomson

ABSTRACT: This paper in a first part shows how 2015 marks an important step in the Myanmar’s peace process, with a genuine political settlement for the first time and new elections. The reasons of the contemporary and past difficulties of the political situation in this Country are illustrated, in particular the denial of equal rights to the various minority ethnicities within a country separated in seven autonomous states, some of which enjoy, as a leg of the colonial rule, much more self-governance than the central, Burman-majority areas.

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Le operazioni navali nel Mediterraneo - Agostina Latino

Abstract: This essay examines the measures adopted under the auspices of the European Union (EU) to respond to the phenomenon of unauthorized migrations, in the form of both the establishment of naval operations and the decisions adopted following relevant meetings of the European Council and of the Council of the European Union.

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